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Navigate Your Financial Hurdles with Confidence

We specialize in creating intelligent financial solutions that help you overcome your greatest business challenges. Together, we help our clients build their futures and scale their operations for continuous improvement.
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At Continuous Scale, we automate the ordinary.

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Don't let an outdated tech stack or clunky workflows slow you down. Our finance experts work with you to fine-tune processes and systems that do the heavy lifting so you don't have to.

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Leverage automation.

Streamline operations in a single ERP, and get your teams working together toward a common goal.
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Accelerate service delivery.

Speed up data synchronization across systems and centralized business operations.
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Drive down costs and boost ROI.

Keep tabs on business financials to cut down on spending and maximize revenue opportunities. 

Scale your business with strategy.

Looking for robust financial solutions that let you focus on growing your business? We blend deep expertise with the latest technology to empower you to reach your goals.

NetSuite Solutions

Tap into the full power of the NetSuite ecosystem as you streamline and optimize your business operations. Our finance consulting firm at Continuous Scale consists of accountants, CPAs, and finance leaders ready to help you do more with less and lead with confidence.

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Service Breakdown

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Our finance consultants specialize in moving data from your current ERP, such as QuickBooks, to NetSuite's all-in-one solution.
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Work with our team of certified experts to get your new business up and running with NetSuite's streamlined ERP platform.
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Conduct routine health checks and execute regular tune-ups to enhance your system's performance.
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Ensure you're getting the most out of NetSuite, including a robust set of features to use across teams.
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Ongoing Support
Rely on speedy assistance from our customer care team when you need it most.
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Upskilling & Maintenance
Access standardized training to grow your skill set, including training materials and desktop guides.

Accounting Advisory

Leverage the expertise of our certified finance professionals to support the Office of the CFO and fill expertise, knowledge, and skill gaps across your entire organization. We'll hit the ground running to understand your goals and take steps forward from Day 1.

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Service Breakdown

Outsourced Accounting
Think of us as an extension of your team during times of transition or as a permanent fixture in your team's success.
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Technical Accounting
Get expert technical guidance, analysis, and entry support. Prepare for a smooth audit with our team of CPAs and former Big 4 accountants.

Finance Operations

Outsource your finance and accounting needs to certified accounting professionals who understand the inner workings of your business models. The Finance Department™ is our proprietary service offering designed to operate just like an internal team but at a fraction of the cost.

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Service Breakdown

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Controller Services
Work with an expert controller on a full-time, part-time, fractional, or advisory basis. Our controllers can lead a team or run a solo shop.
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International Expansion
Grow your business into new markets for the first time, or maintain compliance in over 30 countries.
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Financial Accounting & Reporting
Get advanced accounting analysis and data insights, and level up your financial reporting capabilities.
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Month-End Close Management
Experience a faster, better, and more accurate close within 90 days or less. We offer full-cycle close management.

Business Optimization

Elevate your business operations and accelerate your growth. Our Business Process Improvement suite is meticulously designed for ambitious leaders who want to overhaul business operations and financial strategies to achieve extraordinary results.

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Service Breakdown

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Finance Transformation Services
Reimagine your financial strategies for growth and efficiency. We provide the tools and insights to streamline processes, enhance financial reporting, and drive fiscal health across your organization.
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M&A Integration Services
Seamlessly merge technologies, processes, and people post-acquisition or during system upgrade. Our expertise ensures a smooth transition with minimal disruption, leading to more cohesive, efficient operations.
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Supply Chain Operations
Optimize your operational performance and supply chain management to outpace the competition. Our comprehensive approach addresses bottlenecks, enhances supply chain resilience, and ensures your operations are lean and agile.
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Profitability & Cost Optimization Consulting
Identify untapped opportunities within your organization to boost your bottom line. Our profit enhancement strategies are built on deep insights and analytics, focusing on delivering sustainable growth and profitability.
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Change Management Excellence
Navigate the complexities of transformation with our expert change management strategies. From planning to execution, we ensure your organization is aligned and ready to adopt new workflows and technologies.
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Strategic Outsourcing and Shared Services
Leverage global efficiencies through strategic shared services and outsourcing. We help you identify the best opportunities to reduce costs, improve service delivery, and enhance flexibility across your business functions.
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Intelligent, Lean Manufacturing & Distribution Solutions
Revolutionize your manufacturing or distribution center operations with smart, data-driven solutions. Increase efficiency, reduce downtime, and anticipate maintenance needs before they arise, keeping ahead in a technologically evolving landscape.
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Company Performance Visibility & Management
Our performance visibility solutions give you unprecedented insight into your business operations. Make informed decisions with real-time analytics and predictive modeling to stay ahead of trends and operational challenges.

Automation & Integration

Tap into workflow automation and artificial intelligence (AI) to offload time-consuming tasks and standardize routine processes. We'll show you how to plug these systems into tools you're already using for ultimate efficiency and team  productivity. 

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Service Breakdown

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Transaction Processing Automation
We help you save time, money, and resources by automating the ordinary and strengthening workflows around AP and AR.
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Basic Smart Automation
Execute simple transitions such as moving a manual process to a system-based process, and streamline your day-to-day operations.
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Robotic Process Automation (RPA)
Accelerate and outsource routine processes with high volume or frequent occurrence that can be performed by a chatbot or triggered by a workflow.
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Artificial Intelligence (AI)
Leverage the power of no-code automation platforms and tools to integrate, automate, and connect your applications and business processes.

Transaction Expertise

Receive buy-side financial due diligence support, sell-side preparation support, technical accounting, and transaction integration services. We help you optimize resources, maximize growth, and minimize costs across the deal lifecycle.

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Service Breakdown

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Consolidated Financial Reporting Services
Immediately after acquiring a new company, there are increased demands for different levels of reporting that capture the financial results of the newly acquired business. We help you prepare consolidated reporting for external audit purposes, compliance requirements, and internal management.
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Technical Accounting Consulting Services
Acquiring a new business can come with complex accounting entries and financial reporting implications. We help you prepare proper accounting entries to capture the transaction, set up accounting back-office processes for the new entity, and document an audit-ready trail.
Buy-Side Due Dilligence
Many deals fail due to poor, failed, or missed diligence efforts in the deal execution process that could have been easily avoided. Get the support you need to close better deals faster, with a detailed understanding of what’s under the hood, opportunities, and red flags.
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Sell-Side Preparation
Most business owners fail to consider their exit early, often resulting in low valuations, low buyer interest, and poor deal terms. We help you optimize resources, maximize growth, and minimize costs to encourage the best possible exit valuation and favorable terms.
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Carve-Out Support
Get support managing accounting, legal, and business issues across functional business units that require organized collaboration and project execution. We help you carefully identify and address the unique risks inherent in carve-outs to avoid derailing the transaction.
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Private Equity Portfolio Support
Adding a new company to your portfolio presents challenges when the acquired teams lack the skills, expertise, or bandwidth to integrate the deal successfully. We often work with PE portfolios to ensure alignment with investment goals and help accelerate ROI realization.
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Financial System Integration
Returning investment value through integrated technology and software usage is an often overlooked or under-resourced post-integration requirement. We help you minimize technical debt by maximizing collaborative integration across people, processes, and systems.
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External Audit & Stub Period Support
This less exciting topic is often not considered heavily enough upfront, creating wasted efforts and repeat work at fiscal year-end. We help you get in front of costly, extended, and resource-intensive year-end audits with support from our CPAs and technical accountants.

NetSuite Migration

Spend less time auditing the past and more time analyzing the results of your business performance. Our NetSuite migration services help you simplify, standardize, and automate the ordinary in the NetSuite ecosystem to free up time for higher-value analysis and company-wide collaboration.

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Service Breakdown

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QuickBooks to NetSuite Migration
Maximize return on your NetSuite investment with our comprehensive services. Our team will walk you through every step of the process, from audit to execution, to migrate QuickBooks to NetSuite and put NetSuite at the nucleus of your tech stack. 

Different by Design

We'll work with you on an individualized basis to get to know your company, your objectives, and your lofty business goals, one step at a time.

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Monitor & Improve
As your business grows and evolves, we ensure our services easily respond to changes, proactively planning for your future needs.
Grow & Scale
We help you embrace a long-term mindset rooted in continuous improvement practices and profitable growth.
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