We help founders and entrepreneurs make wise financial decisions no matter where they are in their journey.

What We Do

We bring a full-stack, cost-effective CFO and accounting partnership to the table that’s impossible for any internal team to replicate.

We are laser-focused on helping clients change the world. In finance, that means we help them build a profitable business with a strong financial foundation for accelerated growth.


At Continuous Scale, we don’t believe in cookie-cutter or one-size-fits-all services.

Sure, creating an organized method to our madness in how we work together is key to a stellar experience, but
– Your business is unique,
– Your needs are personal, and
– We work with you to right-size the perfect package that meets you where you are now, then scales with you.

At Continuous Scale, we do things differently.

Strategic CFO

Our CFOs are experienced finance leaders who amplify your business during complex strategic finance projects, raising capital through debt, equity, or alternative strategies, mergers & acquisitions, IPOs, SPACs, and deSPAC investor due diligence (buy side and sell side), and much more.

We extend your executive superpowers and lead your finance and Accounting departments. We serve in the capacity you need us most – fractional, short-term, interim, long-term, contract, advisory, board, you name it.

Controller-Led Accounting

Ex-Big Four, recovering public accountants, CPAs, and deep technical accounting experts that produce US GAAP and IFRS compliant financials, monthly reporting packages across multi-national, multi-entity, and multi-currency enterprises.  Our controllers know ASC 606 revenue recognition like the back of their hands, and shine brightest in the trenches of an external audit, with SEC compliant financial statements and footnote drafting support.

From financial modeling to leading empowered teams to do their best work, our Controllers are a great addition to your foundational team.

Financial Modeling

Our team of financial experts with demonstrated skills in financial planning and building investor-ready and board-grade financial models allows you to start, strategically expand and forecast your business in any direction you choose. We ensure you’re empowered with the knowledge to work the model yourself and are aware of all risk-reward relationships and potentials of your modeled business scenario(s).

Our seasoned team of experts has worked across many different industries, markets, and corporate financial positions to aid in a robust model deliverable, and a wealth of first-hand expertise to offer at the ready.

System Integration

Deep certified expertise in implementing, optimizing, integrating, upgrading, migrations, and accounting in QuickBooks, NetSuite, SalesForce, and many other CRM, HIRS, Customer Billing, and Purchasing.

We will review your current system and determine your needs, including the setup and design of systems and software that will move the needle on profitability, accuracy, and internal productivity.

Get the insights into your business you’ve always wanted.

Have the right dials to turn, and know when you need to turn them.

Every time we meet with a new business, we rediscover (together) the power of having the right information at your fingertips. Too many businesses are trying to grow with an anvil tied around their legs because they don’t know how to spot financial problems BEFORE they become a catastrophe — or they are missing out on real chances for rapid growth … simply because they were blind to the data that would have shown them the way.

Too many business owners are evaluating their success by “what’s in the bank” instead of what is possible when you have a true expert in your corner.

What People Say

I can’t say sing enough praises about this company!! I tell them everyday that they are my life saver! We have been working together over the past year and I must say, they totally transformed my accounting system and set me on the path for success. They have a such a strong team that is patient, commitment and extremely knowledgeable. They make my heart smile every time I remember where I was with my reports and where they have taken me. Reports are on time, books reconciled in a timely manner and they are always a phone call, text or email away. I have an awesome book keeper assigned to my account who is always smiling a long with Ben and Sara who are absolutely amazing!

If you need a reliable, knowledgeable and professional team to take your financials to the next level, I strongly suggest giving Continuous Scale a call.

— Nikii Walker

I worked with Continuous Scale during a very difficult turn around project. The CS team became our de-facto finance and ops team, and a critical partner that helped me accelerate my ability to develop a turn around plan that broke us out of a death spiral of declining revenues, margins and scale.

The real magic is the insights and strategic thinking across operations, finance, GTM design and systems that was essential in increasing the velocity of the turn-around and doing so without it becoming a reboot, with the associated revenue “J” curve that would have really hurt the business.

In short, Sarah, Ben and the CS team are an asset to a business in early, mid or distressed stage. They don’t measure success in terms of their billings, they measure it in terms of the client company’s success CARING about it as if it is their own.

— Marco Bussadori

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