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A Collaborative Finance Experience

We help finance teams become top value creators in their business by combining expert resources with leading digital technologies.

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The CFO Role Has Changed

You are wearing more hats than ever.

Gone are the days when CFOs and Accounting Leaders kept their noses in the books and number crunch. Common back-office functions have multiple operational departments, like HR, IT, purchasing, and facilities, and rolling under the CFO's leadership and oversight. Further, the CFO is recognized as a mission-critical seat at the table. All of these expanding hats are further challenged by needing to do more with less and feeling the pressures to keep budgets tight in the finance department. 

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What We Do: CFO Services

We solve complex challenges with innovative solutions.

We know that clunky tech and inefficient business operations slow your business down. That's where we come in. Our strategy merges practicality with a strategic vision anchored in the principles of lean operations. We provide comprehensive omnichannel service desk solutions, including corporate finance consulting, that integrate with your current technology infrastructure, enabling us to move forward, establish objectives, and focus on achieving overarching goals.

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Our People Are Your People

Our experts become an extension of your team.

Our clients come to us with a range of financial services requests, from filling a key finance role to tackling a major project such as new ERP software implementation or improvement of complex financial reporting and accounting processes. Our expert advice is tailored to your specific needs, and we regularly update our services to stay ahead of industry trends and deliver the best possible outcomes for your business.

Our customers have unique businesses and pain points but all share a few common themes

Do any of these sound familiar?
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"We have serious visibility gaps in financial results"

Without effort, you can't easily see and understand your data, cash burn, profitability, or overall business health. The reporting capabilities of current systems are lacking and error prone.

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"Our close process is chaotic and too long"

If your close cycle takes longer than the 15th of each following month, then you simply can't make decisions based on actual financial results. Close checklists are dated, likely incomplete, or nonexistent. 
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"Our tools our manual without integrations"

Your team spends most of their business hours combing through the data just make sure it all got posted in the first place, and then it got posted correctly. Signifncant time is spent correcting manual errors.
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Feeling overwhelmed? Don't sweat it. We create order out of chaos.

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Build confidence in the NetSuite ecosystem.

Sync your systems and eliminate unnecessary stress with an end-to-end ERP platform that actually serves the full range of your complex needs.

Our Typical Sales Discovery Process

The first step to take across all of our services is booking a strategy call with us.

Strategy Call

We'll cover your pain points, goals, current state vs. desired state, budget, and timeline, as well as provide a Continuous Scale overview.

Scoping call

We'll share your custom path to clarity based on the strategy call and share your scoping worksheet and pricing plan.

Commitment Call

Address any questions and answers from your internal team discussions.

Sign Contract

Make it official by signing a contract, and scheduling your kick-off. Complete the initial operational and communication preferences questionnaire, and send out your team survey.
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How can we help you?

The first step is to start a conversation. Book a call with one of our experts to better understand your needs and build the right-sized solution for your business.