Finance as a Service

Be audit-ready at all times. Get in front of compliance and regulatory changes.


Trasaction Execution

Get comprehensive support before, during, and after deal execution.


Interim Finance Roles

Extend your internal team with a CFO or Controller in your corner.


Digital Transformation

Experience our zero-downtime approach to digital transformation.


NetSuite Optimization

We know how NetSuite works and what it can do for you.


NetSuite Optimization

We know how NetSuite works and what it can do for you.


About Continuous Scale

We’re just getting started

Our Story

Black and white headshot photo of Sara Dickinson, Fouder and CEO of Continuous Scale

Hi, I'm Sara Dickinson

I started my career in public accounting at KPMG, then fell in love with tech when I joined my first pre-IPO startup in 2013. After taking that startup through a successful IPO, I worked in similar corporate roles for several private and public enterprises across various growth stages.

For every company I worked for, I experienced the same extreme pains of scaling a finance and accounting function through rapid growth and constant change. The increasing pressure to do more with less, the difficulty finding affordable top talent, the expanding risks and compliance requirements, and the growing complexity introduced by new systems that finance isn’t equipped to support. I knew there had to be a better way. 

When I started Continuous Scale, I was on a mission to be that better way — and to team up with a brilliant crew of humans that share my passion.

Today, I am humbled and honored to work alongside our brilliant crew and some of the most exceptional partners, entrepreneurs, and businesses out there.

My commitment to you as my client, partner, team member, or human in my life is unshakable trust, honesty, and advocacy. I will always have your best interest and care for your business like mine.

Thanks so much for visiting our site.

If you have any questions at all, please get in touch with me directly.

What We Offer

Everything we do is unqiuely tailored to your business requirements. Then we grow with you, however you need us to.


Finance as a Service

Fully outsource your finance and accounting needs to us or augment an existing team to fill a void. The Finance Department (TM) is our proprietary service offering designed to operate just like an internal team but at a fraction of the cost.


Interim Finance Roles

Accelerate growth with a strategic CFO in your corner, fill an unexpected vacancy with a seasoned controller, or free up bandwidth to execute a strategic project—Full-time, part-time, project-based, and every fraction in between.


NetSuite Optimization

Our experts offer a unique combination of certified experts with accounting degrees, CPAs, and financial backgrounds. Get the technical expertise you need from someone who can translate a system change to downstream financial impact.


Transaction Execution

We offer buy-side financial due diligence support, sell-side preparation support, technical accounting, and transaction integration services. We'll help you optimize resources, maximize growth, and minimize costs across the deal lifecycle.


Digital Transformation

From building strategies and generating ideas to transforming business operating models, we are here to collaborate with you at every step, wherever you're on your journey. Experience our zero-downtime approach to transformation. 


Smart Automation

We help you apply smart automation strategies that use the full spectrum of automation - from Artificial Intelligence (AI) to Robotic Process Automation (RPA). We support clients at every stage of their automation journey. 

Different by Design

It's not or, it's and.

Choosing a finance and IT consulting partner is hard — but with Continuous Scale, it's not. Continuous Scale is the only finance and IT consultancy built for efficiency, collaboration, and visibility at scale.

Automation and attention

Continuous Scale leverages automation to free up valuable time and resources to focus on what matters most. We automate the ordinary in our own business and our client's businesses to ensure maximum time is spent on strategy and quality.

Speed and personalization

With Continuous Scale, personalization doesn't slow service delivery down. Every interaction and conversation is surrounded by client history, relevant data, and built-in collaboration so teams can work behind the scenes to build better finance and IT operations faster.

Growth and scale

Continuous Scale begins every client partnership by building a strong foundation for future growth. This translates to increasing revenues without increasing costs at the same rate to support it. With our help, clients are extending runways and growing profitably.

Strategy and execution

Continuous Scale provides the strategy and the chops to get the job done right. Period. You'll never hear us say that's not in scope. Our pooled team model offers built-in collaboration and personalization that scales with your business through every stage.

Meet our Awesome Team

We run a small team by design and plan to keep it that way.

Alt="Sara Dickinson, Founder & CEO"

Sara Dickinson

Founder & CEO

Alt="Benjamin Martin, Practice Director, Cloud Accounting"

Benjamin Martin

Practice Director, Cloud Accounting

Alt="Cor De Leon, Practice Director, NetSuite"

Cor De Leon

Practice Director, NetSuite

Alt="Tom Morrison, Business Systems Analyst"

Tom Morrison

Business Systems Analyst

Alt="Carolina Rodriguez, Internal Controls & Compliance"

Carolina Rodriguez

Internal Controls & Compliance

Alt="Cameron Dickinson, Client Experience Specialist"

Cameron Dickinson

Client Experience Specialist

Alt="Katrina Nacci, Global Transaction Advisory"

Katrina Nacci

Global Transaction Advisory

Alt="Esther Kim, Business Process Advisory"

Esther Kim

Business process Advisory

Want to Join Our Team?

Take a look at our open roles!

Featured Capabilities


Digital Transformation


Continuous Improvement


New Tech Selection


Month-End Close


Process Automation


Scalable Growth


NetSuite Optimization


Accounting Cleanup


Artificial Intelligence


People Upskilling


Tech Stack Setup


Private Equity


Happy Customers

Don’t take our word for it.

“I worked with Continuous Scale during a very difficult turnaround project. The CS team became our de-facto finance and ops team and a critical partner that helped me accelerate my ability to develop a turnaround plan that broke us out of a death spiral of declining revenues, margins, and scale.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact me.”


Marco Bussadori

Bigleaf Networks, Inc.

“I can’t sing enough praises about this company!! We have been working together over the past year, and I must say, they totally transformed my accounting system and set me on the path to success. They have a strong, patient, committed, and highly knowledgeable team. 

If you need a reliable, knowledgeable, and professional team to take your financials to the next level, I strongly suggest calling Continuous Scale.”


Nikii Walker

Sallyz Center for Autism

“Highly professional and highly skilled in their functional areas, Continuous Scale is a true pleasure to work with. Sara took the initiative to take a deep dive into all the important financial aspects of the start-ups I asked her to do due diligence on. Her reporting was timely, comprehensive, insightful, and appropriately detailed. She’s a star.”


Ron Doornink

Managing General Partner, Doornink Investments Ltd

I would highly recommend Sara. We had to set up a workflow using SmartSheet for a client in a short period of time. Sara’s assistance was essential to successfully rolling out a straightforward solution that met our client’s needs.”


Maureen Gottschall

Kuku Studios

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