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Be audit-ready at all times. Get in front of compliance and regulatory changes.


Trasaction Execution

Get comprehensive support before, during, and after deal execution.


Interim Finance Roles

Extend your internal team with a CFO or Controller in your corner.


Digital Transformation

Experience our zero-downtime approach to digital transformation.


NetSuite Optimization

We know how NetSuite works and what it can do for you.


NetSuite Optimization

We know how NetSuite works and what it can do for you.



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Here are some answers to Frequently Asked Questions.

Are you an interim or permanent solution?

At our company, we don’t just offer a one-time service. We strive to be your long-term partner, committed to working with you for at least 12 months and beyond. Our team is dedicated to taking your business to new heights before you even consider hiring an in-house team. From start to exit, we’ll be there every step of the way. As we work together, we’ll build your Finance function to a point where it can be effortlessly handed off to your internal team if that’s your chosen route.

How much do your services cost?

All of our service pricing is tailored to your unique needs and business circumstances. With an initial free consultation, you’ll leave with a transparent estimate of services with 3 options to choose from that allow you to level the services up or down based on our initial discussion. 

Who do you work with on our team?

We often work with startup founders, CEOs, CFOs, Controllers, and their extended teams. Depending on the project or service customization, we often work with the entire executive suite to support cross-functional cohesion and seamless collaboration.

Will you travel onsite for our service?

Althought we pride ourselves on being a remote first global company since day one, depending on your service package, we do offer onsite travel. Contact us to discuss your needs for more information or reach out to your client relationship manager for existing client questions.

Will you also do our taxes?

Although we do not offer tax services ourselves, we have established partnerships with several US and international tax practices that we can recommend based on your business needs and location(s). If desired, we can take care of managing the relationship with your tax provider, from gathering annual tax documents for business tax returns to representing you in addressing any tax notices or compliance issues that may arise throughout the year. If you already have a tax provider, that’s great! Simply introduce us to them, and we’ll handle the rest.

Do we need our own team in-house?

Nope! Our services encompass the entire spectrum of finance and accounting needs, from basic bookkeeping to GAAP accounting, Controllership, and even CFO-level financial leadership. As your partner, we work closely with you to identify any in-house roles that need to be filled, either immediately or as your business grows and evolves. We are also adept at integrating seamlessly into existing teams, regardless of their size or structure. Our goal is to provide you with the exact level of support you need, both now and in the future. Whether you require additional services or need to scale back temporarily, we are here to grow and change with you every step of the way.

Will you replace our current bookkeeper?

Absolutely! Although we are not a bookkeeping firm, at Continuous Scale, we take care of the bookkeeping effort as part of our full-stack offerings. We understand the significance of having top-notch bookkeeping and historical accounting to enhance modeling and strategic efforts. Our team follows the accrual basis of accounting, which is mandatory under U.S. GAAP. We firmly believe that cash basis of accounting is unsuitable for high-growth companies. If you are currently not on an accrual basis, there’s no need to worry as we can convert your books from cash to accrual basis.

How quickly can you get started?

Depending on the services you’re interested in, there may be a waitlist you can join, or we may be able to get started right away for more urgent needs. Contact us today to discuss your business needs and we’ll give you a more realistic expectation on timeing to begin our services.

Do you offer software or service?

Either, or, or both. Whatever you need and anything in between. We are not a software product business, but we are enterprise software experts that source, implement, integrate, customize, and optimize a wide range of financial systems in our client tech stacks. We compliment our enterprise software experience with an exceptional service experience, uniquely customized to meet our clients where they are today, and agile to grow with them real-time as business needs change.

What is your 100% happiness guarantee?

We believe in our service experience so much that we guarantee 100% happiness in the first 90 days or your money back. No questions asked if we aren’t able to make it right. Not only will you get your entire investment back, but we’ll also help you recruit for our backfill and invest in detailed knowledge transfer to our predecessor in an effort to make you whole.